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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Occasionally I have to delete spam in the comments section of posts on this Blog.  A few years ago the whole Blog got hacked and when you arrived on the Blog you were taken to an endless series of home shopping sites and the only way out was to sign off the Internet.  I got no response from Blogger when it happened so had to delete the site and start over...hence Tartjubow On Chess II.

I delete on the average of two spam postings in the comment sections a month.  I realize this is just part of the "system" but it still amazes me that a rinky-dink, unknown chess blog run by an unknown player that only gets about 1200 hits per month would be the target of this kind of junk.  Really, do these people have nothing better to do or are they just using my Blog for practice before they spam Susan Polgar's or Kevin Spraggett's Blog?

What a bunch of PUKES!

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