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Friday, September 14, 2012

Stonewall Attack, Ware System

      Having recently done a book review on Andy Soltis’s Stonewall Attack I did something I very rarely do; I played a 4 min. + 2 sec. game against Fire 1.5 Xtreme on my computer in order to try out the Stonewall. 
      Instead of playing the usual opening move order, just messing around, I played 2.f4 like Preston Ware used to. For those that don’t know, Preston Ware, Jr. (August 12, 1821 – January 29, 1890) was a US player known mostly for unorthodox openings like the Ware Opening, 1.a4. 
      The engine selected a K-Indian setup against the unusual 2.f4 move and the best plan for White against this formation is to switch to a kind of Zukertort system by playing b3 and Bb2. The idea is that the dark-squared Bishops are likely to be exchanged at some point which will create weaknesses on Black's kingside. I decided to set up a regular Stonewall formation anyway just to see what would happen.  As it turned out, the engine was not able to gain any advantage and the result was a draw.

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