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Saturday, July 21, 2012

4-Shared Snafu

      On Sunday, July 15 I received an email from the file storage site 4Shareddotcom advising me that it was reported that I “offer unlicensed copies of, or been engaged in other unauthorized activities relating to copyrighted works. The abuse report came to us from LeakID. Storing and sharing of such material violates proprietary rights of the file copyright owner as well as 4shared Terms of Use”
      What was involved was my offering for download my 28 page pdf booklet on the Dallas 1957 chess tournament.  This is, of course not the case, because this booklet consists of a brief description of the tournament and some anno-Fritzed games. 
      I sent an e-mail back describing the material and received what appeared to be an automated reply signed by someone name “Josh” at 4Shared.  Basically the e-mailed advised me it wasn’t their problem and I should please “get in touch with the reporter via email (e-mail listed for Leak) and figure this out.”
      According to their website, LeakID “is the first digital agency and was founded by experts from the world of radio, television and internet. We undertake the design, management, strategy ...etc.”  According to LinkedIn they are Specialists in Law Enforcement IP, content protection, anti-piracy, Anti Counterfeiting.
     According to the customer service people, leakid is spamming Sendspace with takedown notices: "We keep being sent takedown notices by leakid.com. You will probably wish to take this up with them."  Interesting that even Sendspace, like 4Shared, doesn't seem to care that this is a problem for some of their sites users.  Obviously if LeakedID is doing spamming whey won't be too concerrned about complaints will they?
      As expected, I never heard from LeakID. Apparently I have not been the only person to have experienced problems with this issue involving both 4Sahred and LeakIt.  As a result I have deleted my 4Shared account and am no longer offering my pdf booklets for download unless I can find another site from which I do it.

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