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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Play an Online Simul Game Against an IM

IM Atilla Turzo will be playing an online simultaneous at 1000 Bright Minds. The games will be played at 3 days per move. He will be playing Black in all games. Turzo will play his first moves on 11th January 11:00 am Budapest time

If you want to play him you do so by going to HERE then challenge him to a game.  The stipulations are:  3-days per move time limit, the game must be unrated and you play white. You will have to be a member of chessdotcom to play. Membership is free and you can sign up HERE.

This is his attempt to gain students but that’s OK; it is your chance to play an online correspondence game against an IM.  I won't be playing as I already have a full workload of games.  However, if you do decide to play him, Good Luck!  BTW, chessdotcom verifies the identity of anyone claiming a title and I have had private correspondence with Mr. Turzo sufficient to assure myself he is the real Atilla Turzo.

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