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Friday, April 15, 2011


      I won an interesting Blitz game recently where I had an IQP. At first I thought it was a real mop up, but after looking over the game with Houdini I discovered Black missed several defensive chances. Houdini gives me a big plus in its evaluation, but…I’m not as good as Houdini and the positions look pretty messy, so for me they are unclear. BTW, note that although the game started out as a QP, it turned into a Caro-Kann, Panov-Botvinnik Attack which is a line I really like with White.
      I have to admit that I was a little miffed at my opponent. He didn’t break any rules, but did display bad etiquette by offering me a draw after my 23.Nxb5+ and when I refused he made me wait 2-3 minutes before playing the forced 23…Qc7. Such behavior is perfectly legal, but why be such snot by deliberately trying to annoy people?

      Speaking of Internet dirt bags…the other day Player X blundered a piece on move 5 and I won easily…especially after he made a couple of really bad moves later. He challenged me to another game and, I made a stupid mistake in the opening and dropped a P for zero compensation. It wasn’t serious though because in a couple of moves he blundered away a piece, missed a mate, and I scored another win.
      So, he challenged me to a third game. After several moves he stated accusing me of using an engine and when I remained silent he began using a lot of profanity and observed that the quality of my play had fallen off so I must have shut off my engine, blah, blah, blah. What was funny though was that in this third game he didn’t blunder any pieces away in the opening, or at any time during the game for that matter, and ended up mopping up the floor with me. Then he challenged me to a fourth game and, again, his play was impeccable, so he scored another win. It got me to wondering how in two games in a row you hang pieces left and right and then suddenly start playing like an engine?! By that time I’d had enough of this maggot and immediately after the game blocked him.
      Anyway, here’s the game…

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