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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fritz 12 Review

As I pointed out in a previous post US players can find Fritz 12 at either Office Max or Best Buy for $19.95. I have had my version for a couple of months now and have been experimenting with some of its features. Some are quite valuable to me, some are entertaining and some are of no use, but it's a great program.

As a CC player I often use Fritz to search my database by position or openings. I have Chessbase Light 2007 also and the db features of Fritz 12 are not quite as good, so for this function, I still prefer CB Light. Of course the free SCID will do just about anything CB Light will do but I was unaware of the features of SCID when I bought CB Light. I was intending to do a review here, but soon realized there are far better ones available Personally I like the new version 12 a lot...much more than the older version and had I purchased it for $65-75 as seen most places instead of the $20 I paid at Office Max, I would still think it was worth the price. Anyway, in lieu of my review, I suggest you go to ChessCentral and check out all the features.

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