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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Tim Harding writing in his column, The Kibitzer, for ChessCafe wrote:

For the second time in succession, Topalov has shown himself to be a bad loser by public criticism of his opponents. Many readers will recall his "Toiletgate" criticisms of Kramnik, which he put into a book. Now he criticises Anand for having high-level assistance and for not organising chess in his homeland ‒ although it turns out that Topalov had a very powerful custom computer made for his own preparations. To me, Topalov seems a quite brilliant player on his day, but overall a rather unpleasant individual. I am pleased he lost and hope he never plays for the world championship again. It seems that I am not alone in that opinion since the chess world subsequently found out that Carlsen, Kramnik, and Kasparov had all helped Anand in one way or another with his preparations.

I couldn’t agree more! I’d like to see those two weasels, Danilov and Topalov, boycotted by organizers the world over. Who needs them?

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