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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tom Wozney, Ohio Master

1965 in Korea
    Chester T. Wozney, or Tom as he was better known, was born April 24, 1940 and as a Specialist 4th Class in the U.S. Army, won the 7th US Armed Forces championship in 1966. At the time he was with the 51st Signal Battalion, Company A stationed in South Korea.

     Wozney was a solid master with many Midwest tournament victories to his credit. He lives in a suburb of Cleveland. 
     He tied for first in the 1964 Ohio Champonship with Richard Kause, George Kellner, James Harkins and David Presser, won outright in 1967 and in 1969 he eked out a tiebreak victory over Robert H. Burns, Jr and Richard Garber. Then in 1971 he again tied for first with Robert Burns and Ross Sprague, Burns getting the title on tiebreaks. In 1972 he won the State title on tiebreaks over Ross Sprague, Richard Kause and Jerry Fink. In 1974 he again tied for first with Robert Burns, Jerry Fink, James Voelker and Arthur Keske with Burns again gaining the title on tiebreaks. 
Playing Albert Sandrin (rigth) in 1967

    This game features a snazzy win by Wozney from the 1973 US Open. 


  1. Thank you for this profile. Is it possible to contact Tom Wozney? I am collecting information on the Ohio Congress and the Ohio Champions since the establishment of the Ohio Chess Association.

  2. Unfortunately what I posted here was about all I could find on the Internet. As you already know there is almost no information available on Ohio players. Google him?!

    http://besteversportstalk.blogspot.com/ has some info on the Ohio championship.

  3. I was hoping you knew him personally. I will soon have plenty of time to pursue the interest. I assisted in the collection of some of the information on bestever, and shared your link with the author as soon as I read your report. At any rate, thank you for your posts. Much appreciated.