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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chess Tiger Engines

   A poster on Chessgod101 has a link to an old collection of Chess Tiger engines that includes Chess Tiger 15 (ChessBase version) and Chess Tiger 2007 UCI.

For those that are unfamiliar with Chess Tiger it was a strong engine developed by Christophe Théron which achieved a number of tournament successes 10-12 years ago. Although still commercially available, the Windows version has not been developed recently. It was strong but still inferior to Fritz, Houdini and Shredder. Most engines tend to avoid gambits and sacrifices but Chess Tiger actually prefers them.  This makes it a good engine to practice against if you want more “human-like” play. It calculates very quickly. On the CCLR 40/40 rating list Chess Tiger 2007 is ranked #62.


  1. unfortunately Chess Tiger 15 has some huge bug. Its choices are crazy! No idea what is wrong with this engine?

  2. I think CT15 came out over 12 years ago and yes, the ChessBase version had a lot of bugs. I read somewhere that it would only play in the Gambit Style unless you set some obscure config file manually.

  3. I see. But this version I was able to download (I have a Chess Tiger 15, Gambit Tiger 2 and Chess Tiger 2007.1) was completely wrong. I am not sure even if I can call it a buck. It made completely stupid moves like giving a queen for free or for a pawn. Its evaluation from the very beginning was idiotic.
    Even today I took all these engines from your link and I really hoped for a good Chess Tiger 15 but it's exactly the same thing.
    Would you be so kind to check it? You yourself see that there is something very wrong JUST with this engine. No matter what position you set up.

    And by the way, do you think that Chess Tiger 2007.1 is a stronger version than Chess Tiger 15? I hope so but anyway I would like to have also 15 version as well in my collection.

    Thanks for your answer.

  4. Did not work for me either. I am not very computer literate, but is it possible this version is for the Palm OS or something and not a laptop?! As to which is stronger, you can refer to their comparisons on the CCLR rating list here:


  5. Thanks for this link. Probably that's right. It looks strange as all those dll files look exactly the same as fitted to chessbase GUI and all work fine but 15 version.

    Thanks for this rating. So definitely Chess Tiger 2007.1 is the strongest version.

    I am interested in all these fantastic old engines. I am happy that now I have all Nimzo, Gandalf, Fruit and Tiger engines. I have also Mephisto Gideon engine which is very interesting. I like to compare them. Cheers.

  6. Hi Tartajubow,

    after a long time I want to inform you that everything is okay with Tiger 15.0!!! Just by chance I discovered the source of the problem. Each time I run my Fritz 13 GUI as NOT administrator, the engine doesn't work properly. But when I run it as administrator the engine works FINE!!!!!! Shocking but it's true. On one day I checked again Tiger 15.0 and to my real surprise it played normally and very strongly. But next time again it returned to the same rubbish level. And just yesterday I made sure that it was a real problem.

    By the way? Do you have Nimzo 99 and Nimzo 2000? I am also looking earlier version of Tiger like 12 and 13. Thanks

  7. The only Nimzo engines for download I am aware of are 7 and 8 from ChessOwl. They have downloads of old engines from A to Z and if they don't have a particular engine it is probably not available! http://chessowl.blogspot.com/p/downloads.html