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Monday, March 31, 2014

Discovering the Magic Bullet

    When I first started to play tournament chess I always opened 1.d4 as White and why not? That’s what my two heroes, Reshevsky and Botvinnik, played. Back in those days you almost always met the King’s Indian and I always played, none too successfully, the Saemisch Varation. After making a serious study of the Ruy Lopez from a book by, I think, Leonard Barden I switched to 1.e4, but, of course, most everybody played the Sicilian against which I had pretty good success with the Rossolimo/Moscow variations: 1.e4, 2.Nf3 and 3.Bb5. Eventually I switched back to 1.d4 and used the Torre Attack because the themes/lines were easy to learn.
     Recently I have become a fan of the…King’s Gambit. It seems not too many players are familiar with it and since most players aren’t too good at elementary tactics, my success has passed expectations. There used to be a local master whose motto was, “Play the King’s Gambit, Baby!” That was 50 years ago; maybe he was right?!

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